kl. Drumachine R8

kl. has is offering a few free plug-ins for Pluggo on Mac (previously payware).

kl. plug-ins

  • Fineline, digital synthesizer — two digital oscillators, with continusly varible classic waveforms and it’s input going thru osc2, your tracks are bound to be transformed by both FM and sync.
  • Drumachine R8, drumkit synthesizer with 14 drums and a monosynth — With 8 pages of parameters your kit is as versitile as it gets. From 909 to plain weird, and with it’s build in pitch shifter your rythmic content will never be the same.
  • Soundberg, classic digital sampler with sample recorder & more — With its build in recorder you can sample your own sounds with ease, just open the rec page and choose sample length, trigger and record. And with the modulation busses you can even do granular time and pitch shifting.

Note: the kl. plug-ins are available for Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later only. You will need the Pluggo runtime. The plug-ins don’t work with Logic.

Visit kl. for more information.