Klangmanipulation SynchroNator

Klangmanipulation has released SynchroNator, a powerful 2 oscillator synth plug-in for Windows.

SynchroNator features

  • 2 stereo oscillators with regular waveforms.
  • Moogish LP filters with chained HP filter.
  • Each osc has vol, pan, fat, pw, semi and octave.
  • Each osc has 3 ADSR: volume, filter and user (is routable).
  • each osc has a temposynced LFO with 2 amounts & routable targets (+/- value).
  • Simple FM mix amount.
  • User LFO with 2×2 amounts & targets for osc 1&2.
  • 8 step sequenzer (pitch, mod, gate).
  • ADSR control for mod & gate with adsr control).
  • Mod destinations: cut, res, hp, fat & pw.
  • Velocity control.
  • Overdrive & delay FX.
  • 100 internal presets.

SynchroNator is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

Visit Klangmanipulation for more information.