Klevgränd Produktion has announced the release of GotoEQ, a classic EQ unit reinvented for the digital age.

Klevgrand GotoEQ

GotoEQ is partially modelled off a vintage passive tube-based program equalizer. However, we’ve added two additional bands with dynamic EQ bands.

GotoEQ performs the classic ‘low-end trick’ with dual Boost and Attenuate controls for its low shelf, but it also offers the ability to perform a ‘high-end trick’, with a similar formulation of high shelving. With continuous frequency selection, you can tune each band as you like.

But most importantly of all, GotoEQ’s two mid bands offer dynamic attenuation, bringing a musical approach to the classic EQ unit.

GotoEQ features

  • Low- and High Shelf filters, with detailed modelling of a classic passive EQ unit.
  • Two parametric dynamic filters.
  • High-pass filter: 20/40/80 Hz.
  • Preset library.
  • Continuous frequency selection for all four bands.
  • Boost and Attenuation for the Low and High shelving bands.
  • Gain, Q and Dynamic Attenuation for the two mid bands.
  • Finely-tuned compression algorithm makes mid bands react dynamically to the signal.
  • Global Input and Output Gain controls (+/-24dB)
  • Global bypass and individual band bypass.
  • Peak metering for the input or output.

GotoEQ for Windows and Mac is available for the intro price of $29.99 USD (AU/VST/AAX). The iOS version (AUv3 only) is on sale for $9.99 USD until September 10th, 2018.

More information: Klevgränd Produktion