Klevgränd has announced the release of its new effect Knorr, a plugin that adds intensity and edge to a monophonic low frequency audio source.

Klevgrand Knorr

Knorr’s algorithm adds overtones to an existing sound in a way that isn’t possible with ordinary distortion or filtering.

The underlying algorithm uses a combination of filtering, amplitude-, and frequency modulation to process incoming audio.

Although Knorr is developed with bass sounds in mind, it can be used on any monophonic sound source as long as there is audio content available in the low mids (and below).

Knorr features

  • Unique algorithm that adds overtones to the original sound in a way that can’t be done using other bass-shaping methods.
  • Three different intensity levels for the algorithm.
  • X/Y-pad for finding your tone in no time.
  • Good for all monophonic instruments within the bass – low mid range.

Knorr is on sale for the intro price of $24.99 USD for desktop (AU/VST/AAX) and $5.99 USD for iPad/AUv3.

More information: Klevgränd