Klevgränd has announced the release of STARK, a fully fledged amplifier simulator consisting of four modules: Amplifier, Cabinet, Room and a Pedal board.

Klevgrand STARK

The modules are processing audio separately, which makes it possible to combine different amplifiers with different cabinets and rooms.

What separates STARK from other amp simulators is that the cab, amp and ambience modules are built on Klevgrand’s very own algorithms that doesn’t involve any convolution or FFT analysis.

According to Klevgränd, their approach renders a more natural response to dynamics over the whole frequency spectrum. Owing to their method Klevgränd also has the ability to fine-tune each profile in ways that just isn’t possible when using convolving methods.

STARK features

  • 12 amps with both clean and overdrive channel, an overdrive mode, an equalizer functionality (including presence), and a booster controlling the end stage amplification saturation.
  • 10 cabinets of various sizes and sound. Stereo width knob that simulates the distance between two microphones put in front of the cone.
  • FX Board with 4 slots (14 effects available). The order of the pedals can easily be changed using drag and drop.
  • 6 room types with configuration options for room size, reflectivity of the walls and dry/wet mix.
  • Plenty of factory presets covering most genres and styles.
  • Ultra low latency.

STARK is available in AU/VST/AAX formats for the intro price of $39.99 USD until April 15th (regular $79.99 USD). The iOS/AUv3 version is $9.99 USD during the intro period (50% off regular).

More information: Klevgränd