Pornofonic has announced the release of Klüsterkitt Konstruktor, a hybrid kit builder that uses acoustic-synthetic blends and convolution as a coloring/shaping tool.

pornofonic instruments klusterkitt konstruktor

Klüsterkitt captures the dirt and rattle of new and exotic acoustic sound sources, and blends and sculpts those wonderfully noisy, full-spectrum stereo sounds with synthesized ones.

The hunt for fresh, distinctive percussive sounds was a process of experimentation using a range of de/reconstructed acoustic objects. The four dozen instruments born from this process formed the sound palettes for Konstruktor, Fabrikator (coming soon), and Rezonator (coming soon). Playing techniques were honed to produce the most useful and interesting articulations for recording.

Session samples were then selectively mixed with pure tone waveforms, each tailored to color and transform them into new, truly hybridized rhythm instruments. Supplemented by fully acoustic variants and over 200 synthetic percussion sources, the result is a kit builder of astonishing depth and character.

Klüsterkitt comes with over 300 impulses designed using vinyl/radio/tape/digital noise and static, particulate and granular effects, digital and acoustic sound effects, frequency modeling, mic effects and chorusing, and stereo imaging.

pornofonic instruments klusterkitt konstruktor fx

Some impulses are designed to affect particular frequency ranges, or to expand the feeling of depth and space around them, while others are designed to enhance the stereo image, create audio effects, or to generate interesting syncopations and multirhythms. Many of the impulses are designed to add dirt and texture to samples.

The kit builder instrument includes 108 kits of big, full-sounding drums, offering acoustic-flavored synthetic drums and synthetic-flavored acoustic drums.

Klüsterkitt Konstruktor features

  • 3,648 stereo samples, 476 sample instruments.
  • 7 Drum kit components with three dedicated, independently selectable lowpass, bandpass, and highpass filters.
  • 6 Round-Robin layers for every articulation.
  • 304 Custom impulses that color, shape, distort, and augment the drum samples.
  • 108 Designed drum kits, and a randomizer for all sample bank and impulse choices to explore new combinations.

Klüsterkitt is available at a 30% discount for a limited time (regular price $79 USD). Requires Kontakt 5.7.1 or higher, full version.

More information: Pornofonic