Kong Audio has announced the release of Chinee Orchestra SE (Standard Edition), a collection of 27 classic Chinese instruments, plus one set of Chinese percussion.

Kong Audio Chinee Orchestra SE

The Standard Edition is a streamlined version of the highly praised Chinee Orchestra Full Edition.

Simplified, but not simple

Even though COSE comes in with a smaller content, it now has a more affordable price tag. Also, Kong Audio has put in lots of efforts into creating COSE as a practically useful tool for composers as well as teachers and students. All presets in COSE are created afresh with care, and it also utilized the features of QIN engine player heavily in order to make the instruments sound alive.
Users can customize COSE presets at will and make use of QIN engine’s Extender system to make multis, keyswitches, aftertouch/modwheel triggering, and much much more.

A Chinese Sound Palette for Everyone

COSE extensively covers the most common instruments used for composing Chinese music. Get inspiration from a vast range of sound of the East. Learn to incorporate the Chinese elements into your work. Or simply keep some rare sound in stock just in case you may need it.

Chinee Orchestra SE features

  • Winds: Bangdi, BaWu, DongXiao, GuanZi, HuLuSi(X2), NanXiao, QuDi, Sheng, SuoNa(X2), Xun.
  • Plucked: GuQin, GuZheng, LiuQin, PiPa, Ruan(X2), SanXian.
  • Stringed: BanHu, ErHu(X2), GaoHu, JingHu, MaTouQin, ZhongHu.
  • Percussion: YangQin, Chinese percussion set.

Chinee Orchestra SE for Windows (VST) is available for $119 USD. A demo version can be download from the product page.

More information: Kong Audio / Chinee Orchestra SE