Konkreet Labs has updated Konkreet Performer, a music control and performance instrument that was designed to use multi-touch technology to the full.

Inertia control comes to Konkreet Performer, enabling smooth morphing, from fast and responsive to ultra slow gradual transitions.

Changes in Konkreet Performer v1.2

  • Variable Inertia Setting: for smooth morphing transitions in your music.
  • Control Inertia from Preferences Screen or directly via the Ribbon (for real-time changes during performance).
  • Gestures (rotate/pinch) can be used seamlessly without interrupting the morphing movement.
  • Snapshot Enhancement: Snapshot buttons now respond to touches dragged across them for really fast changes.

Konkreet Performer for iOS 3.2 or later is available to purchase for $24.99 USD. The update is free for existing users.

More information: Konkreet Labs