Korg has announced the KingKORG, a new analog modeling synthesizer.

Focused on live performance, it features Korg’s new XMT (Xpanded Modeling Technology) engine, with many types of oscillators and filters that can accurately model sought-after vintage analog synths.

With its controls laid out in easily identifiable sections, King Korg delivers the unique characteristics of a dedicated synthesizer, while remaining approachable to players who are new to synthesizers. It not only shines on stage with high quality sound, but also with a champagne gold finish befitting its royal name.

King Korg

KingKORG features a 3-oscillator x 2-timbre design allows you to generate thick and rich sounds, plus a newly developed XMT modeling sound engine.

KingKORG features

  • A full-fledged, 61-key analog modeling synthesizer designed for live performance.
  • Powerful oscillators that are understandable to the beginner, yet satisfying for the expert.
  • Modeling filters that reproduce the sound of classic instruments.
  • Three master effect sections (each with six effect types) add the finishing touch to your sound.
  • Vacuum tube driver circuit adds rich overtones and powerful distortion.
  • New panel layout designed for intuitive operation.
  • CV/GATE OUT jack lets you control a Korg monotribe or MS-20.
  • Support for librarian software that lets you manage programs.

The KingKORG will be available February 2013 for a street price of $1299 USD.

More information: Korg / KingKORG