Korg has announced it has released updates for its Gagdet music production software for Mac and iOS.

Korg Gadget update

We have released totally new versions of our music-production software with over 30 small synthesizers and drum machines: KORG Gadget for Mac version 1.2.0 and KORG Gadget for iOS version 3.2.0!

We’ve added the New Preset Sounds “Factory 2” to nine gadgets. The newly enriched preset sounds will bring you inspiration to produce music. Enjoy these new fun, musical sounds!

Changes in Gadget for Mac v1.2.0 / iOS v3.2.0

  • Added the new preset sounds “Factory 2” to nine gadgets.
  • Various other adjustments to improve stability and ease of use.
  • (Mac only) Added the “output channel”, where you can set the output location of your audio device.

Korg has launched a Summer Sale, offering up to 50% off on all its music production apps and software until August 20th, 2017.

The sale also applies to software upgrades and items available for in-app purchase.

More information: Korg / Korg Gadget