Krakli Synths RGB4

Krakli Synths has released RGB4, a freeware virtual instrument plug-in for Windows.

I was in a quandary here, I have had RGB4 waiting in the wings for quite some while, but it appears to have confounded most of the guys that have volunteered to write patches for it, with a couple of exceptions. Thank you Heiko!

I couldn’t keep holding back and for one reason or another I wasn’t able to spend my own time patching it so I thought I would try something a little different. I haven’t put it up on the Free Synths page as I consider it in beta, but you can download RGB4 HERE. At the moment it only contains 22 of the 64 patch slots filled, but hopefully some of you out there might be able to add to that number.

RGB4 features

  • Two main sound sources: a 32 partial additive Osc and a more conventional multi-wave VA Osc.
  • Individual levels of each partial can be controlled by red sliders at the top left of the display, or by the ADSR sliders ranked below each partial. Blue sliders vary the amount of ADSR modulation and the Green Oscilloscope trace shows the realtime modulation of the waveform.
  • Multiwave Oscillator with simple controls and a mix knob to vary the amount it comes into the sound (waveform is indicated by the Yellow Oscilloscope display).
  • Global ADSR which affects the overall amplitude of the sound.
  • Octave Velocity and Volume amounts.
  • Controls for bend range, vibrato, delay rate and amount.
  • Filter modulation section with x-y pad.
  • 6 filter frequency, resonance, envelope modulation and LFO (with various waveforms) controls.
  • Global control for filter LFO rate, including random LFO waveform.
  • Phase shift for LFO waveforms.

RGB4 is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

More information: Krakli Synths