Kreativ Sounds ABt XTC Refill

The ABt XTC Refill is an inspirational addon library of cool combinators, new presets, bass loops and multisamples for all Analog BASStard Refill owners. This refill extends the original ABt with 32 new carefuly selected multisamples and 68 new bass loops (over 150 Mb) and adds 10 new instruments with 58 patches for the Combinator device, also 122 new NNXT patches. Please note that this refill requires the original Analog BASStard Refill.


  • 32 multisampled instruments
  • 58 Combinator Patches
    • Acid Boxes: Citric, CMB303
    • Bass REX Box: BassRMX, Peach BOX
    • Modern Vintage: DigiF, EMSynthi, MBeast, Taurus
    • Vintage FX: MSTap-FX, Warmer-FX
  • 122 NNXT Patches
  • 68 REX2 Bass Loops
  • 16 Scream4 Patches – These were designed to be used with your new basses
  • Mod Wheel and Velocity variations for extra sounds and control
  • 44KHz/24bit WAV files for maximum quality
  • 44KHz/16bit RX2 files

For more information and a demo refill visit the Kreativ Sounds website.