Kreativ Sounds RAW Bass V1

Kreativ Sounds has announced the release of RAW Bass V1, an all-purpose bass solution which includes over 1,000 analog, digital and guitar bass grouped into 96 multi-samples.

Many of the basses have been processed through tape recording to achieve that well known and sought after vintage and warm sounding feel.

RAW Bass V1 features

  • 96 bass multisamples (over 1,000 bass samples) in 44KHz/24bit format so that you can use them in any sampler you like.
  • 16 classic acid and volcano screaming bass multi-samples.
  • 38 analog bass multi-samples covering classics, subs, noizes, saws, vintage etc.
  • 24 additive, exotic, solid, organic and wild digital bass multi-samples.
  • 2 bass guitars, 1 acoustic bass and 2 upright basses + bass guitar noises.
  • 12 violent and wild bass multi-samples for total rage and mayhem.

RAW Bass Sounds V1 is available to purchase as a download for 5 EUR.

Visit Kreativ Sound for more information.