Kreativ Sounds ABYSS FM8 Sounds

Kreativ Sounds has released ABYSS FM8 Sounds, a collection of highly original sounds for Native Instruments FM8 synthesizer and Native Instruments KORE2 Workstation.

It’s very easy to get crazy sounds out of FM8, but are very hard to control. ABYSS FM8 Sounds is about controlling sonic madness. Using the MORPH Pad it’s easy to go from a calm beautiful pad to harsh industrial tones or from a cool nice lead to some monstrous bassline (and back).

Transform your FM8 and KORE synthesizer into a digital sonic monster with ABYSS FM8 Sounds!

ABYSS FM8 Sounds features

  • 20 original sounds, each with 4 extreme variations (80 sound variations) for Native Instruments FM8 and KORE2.
  • Each sound comes with custom ARP and MORPH info that allows you to create cool sequences and to morph between its four variations.
  • Each sound features velocity and modulation wheel information for even more control over the sounds.
  • All future minor updates with new sounds are free.

ABYSS FM8 Sounds is available as a pay-what-you-wish product.

Visit Kreativ Sounds for more information and audio demos.