Kreativ Sounds ABYSS FM8 Sounds / SYN ImpOSCar Sounds

Kreativ Sounds has released updated versions of its ABYSS FM8 Sounds and SYN ImpOSCar Sounds soundsets.

Both soundbanks updates bring new sounds, KORE sounds improvements and minor bug fixes to the existing presets.

ABYSS FM8 Sounds v1.1 / SYN ImpOSCar Sounds v1.2 features

  • ABYSS FM8 Sounds: 32 original sounds, each with 4 pad variations (128 sound variations) for Native Instruments FM8 and KORE 2. Each sound comes with custom ARP and MORPH info that allows you to create cool sequences and to morph between it’s four variations.
  • SYN ImpOSCar Sounds: 54 outstanding presets in FXP and KORE format for GForce ImpOSCar synthesizer.
  • Each KORE preset has macro knobs assigned and all 8 pad variations.
  • KORE Template for easily creating your own sounds with pad variations.
  • Each preset features modulation wheel and velocity information for more control over the sounds.
  • All future minor updates with fixes and new sounds are free.

Both products are available as a “pay-what-you-wish” / donationware product. The updates are free to previous customers.

Visit Kreativ Sound for more information.