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England based producer Kriminal is known for his work on the Karnage VSTi, making demo tunes and presets banks for software developers (i.e. Camel Audio, Krakli), and beta testing the latest synths on the market.

The Kriminal presets collection contains sound banks for Albino, Astrobelt, ASynth, Augur, Blue, Dominator, FireBird, Hydra, impOSCar, Helga, Polysix, MS20, Minimonsta, Orca, Phantom, PlastiCZ, Tau2, TauPro, Taurus, Triangle II and Voyager.

You can download the individual banks here, or get everything in one package below.

KRM VSTI Presets Download size: 265.13 kB

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johnny droozle
johnny droozle

Wow thanks you for putting all these in one nice easy download.

Looking forward to trying a number of these. Your presets are usually worth having ;-)