Kriminal Felix

Kriminal has released Felix, a freeware synthesizer inspired by the 1981 synth, the Octave Kitten.

The real powerful area of the Kitten was the modulation – the LFO / Sample+Hold routing to modulate the ADSR / VCO / VCF – it could produce many interesting effects and S&H sounds – ive tried to capture this in FELIX, as well as making it versatile in the normal spectrum of sounds.

Felix features

  • 1 VCO (saw/tri/pulse) plus white noise generator.
  • 1 LFO – sine/square/S+H.
  • 2 SubOsc’s : square (-1 and -2 oct).
  • VCF – 4pole LP self oscillating filter.
  • VCA – ADSR.
  • 200+ Presets (Michael Cavallo, Steven West, Shamanix, Luftrum, DLN and musicorner).

Felix is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC.

Visit Kriminal for more information.