Kriminal releases TWILIGHT VSTi


Kriminal, who helped in the development of the first Karnage synth by Krakli, has released a number of plugins over the past few weeks.


The latest synth is TWILIGHT, a freeware synth featuring 2 OSC’s (EVM LightWave), each with its own filter, filter envelope and amp envelope. It also has MOD and Chorus, and LFO controls. According to Kriminal it’s good for delicate/digital/metalic sounds.

Kriminal also released:

  • DANTE, a 2 OSC poly synth
  • KRM-101, a simple synth capable of some cool bass/lead sounds (based on the 80’s Roland SH-101)
  • NIETZSCHE, a basic synth using 2 Unison OSC’s and a Sub OSC
  • SARTRE XT, a 2 OSC synth where each VCO can produce 6 diff waveforms similatneously
  • VOLTAIRE, a simple 1 OSC (saw/sq) monosynth for making old school acid basslines
  • PULSE80R, a 8 OSC synth with pulse waves only
  • KOMBAT, a synth suitable for bass and lead sounds
  • CZAR, a Phase Distortion synth
  • KRM-SFP, a simple Soundfont Player

All these plug-ins are made with SynthEdit. They can be downloaded from Kara-Moon.

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Twilight isn’t up at Kara-Moon and both of the download links above don’t work. WANT WANT WANT! Because Dante is really good, great fat thumping bass leads.


Why, thank you Ronnie, you are a gentleman. And – er – Kriminal, he’s a gentleman too. I’ve been praising Dante on KVR, check the latest forums.


can someone re up twilight ????

thanks and cheers !


thanks , last time server didn’t work :S