Kuassa has announced the has release of Amplifikation Vermilion RE, the Reason Rack Extension version of Amplifikation Vermilion.

Kuassa Amplifikation Vermilion RE

The Amplifikation Vermilion guitar amp effect inspired by classic guitar combo amps, now available in Propellerhead Rack Extension format for Reason.

Guitar players now have a new reason to play Reason. Whatever your playing style is, from country clean to somewhat heavy metal, this amplifier will provide any sound you need. Don’t play the guitar? Don’t hesitate to use this device on any other instrument as well.

Amplifikation Vermilion RE is a guitar amplifier rack extension inspired by classic guitar combo amplifiers. It offers eye candy and lots of tonality for guitarists who demand a guitar amp plug-in with versatility. The engine of this plug-in is carefully tuned to match the tone of authentic classic amps which sing to your playing style.

Amplifikation Vermilion RE features

  • 3 Amp Types.
  • 2 Amp Channels: Clean and Lead.
  • Built-in FX: Tremolo with BPM sync and Spring Reverb.
  • 5 types of matching cabinets with 4 microphone types.
  • Freely adjustable dual-miking configurations.
  • Built-in Noise Gate and Limiter.
  • Straightforward and easy to use interface.

Amplifikation Vermilion RE is available to purchase for 32 EUR / $39 USD. Users of Amplifikation Vermilion in VST/AU format can get the RE version at a reduced price.

More information: Kuassa / Amplifikation Vermilion RE