KV331 Audio SynthMaster

KV331 Audio has announced the release of Aiyn Zahev Expansion 2, a new soundset for the SynthMaster virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

We’re glad to announce the release of Aiyn Zahev’s 2nd commercial preset bank for SynthMaster!

This bank consists of 60 presets designed by Aiyn. The presets are categorized as:

3 Arps.
11 Basses.
4 FX.
26 Leads.
5 Pads.
10 Sequences.
8 Plucks.
3 Sequences.

The bank costs $10.5 during our 30% OFF Summer Sale ($15 regular) and can be purchased and downloaded at KV331 Audio online store.

More information: KV331 Audio