KV331 Audio SynthMaster

KV331 Audio has updated SynthMaster FREE! to v1.0.2.1.

SynthMaster FREE! is a fully working version of SynthMaster with only 3 limitations: maximum of 2 plug-in instances (for VST, VSTi and RTAS versions), 5 voices per instance polyphony and 10 bits resolution for audio input.

Updated in v1.0.2.1

  • New Features
    • Each preset can be under 2 different categories
    • When the waveform type of a modulator is sample & hold, phase and tone parameters control the attack and release times of the waveform steps
    • SynthMaster presets are now recognized by VST hosts. Also, each preset’s name is prefixed by its category name to make searching for presets easier
    • Within the preset browser tree inside SynthMaster Standalone, a selected preset can now be loaded by pressing the return key
  • Fixed Bugs
    • Modulators work incorrectly in mono mode
    • SynthMaster VST / VSTi is out of sync when playback is re-started
    • Easy parameters are not synchronized when a linked parameter changes

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