KV331 Audio has released an update to the SynthMaster One software synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

Version 1.5 is a major update, bringing compatibility with Native Instruments’ Native Kontrol Standard (NKS), which allows the synth to be seamlessly integrated with Maschine and Komplete Kontrol hardware controllers.

KV331 Audio has tagged and categorized all factory/expansion presets according to NKS 1.5 classification standards, generated audio previews, and defined custom control knob mappings. Each preset is analyzed with a helper tool developed by KV331 Audio, and NKS performance pages are generated with this tool based on the active status of modules used by the preset.

The update also includes various bug fixes/improvements:

  • Fixed: SynthMaster One doesn’t report value changes for automated parameters correctly.
  • Fixed: SynthMaster One doesn’t read waveforms for expansions.
  • Fixed: SynthMaster One Standalone (Windows) always displays a wait cursor.
  • Fixed: In Mono Legato mode, Some synth modules don’t reset state variable correctly.
  • Fixed: SynthMaster One UI performance is sluggish on MacOS Catalina and above.
  • Fixed: SynthMaster One has inconsistencies displaying parameter values.
  • Fixed: When octave/semitone dropdown value is changed via mouse wheel, displayed value doesn’t change.
  • Fixed: SynthMaster One might stop responding to MIDI CC messages when it receives multiple CC.
  • Fixed: Preset browser is not refresh correctly when preset attributes are updated.
  • Fixed: Preset banks are now stored under Public Documents folder instead of user’s Documents folder. This prevents files to be deleted from documents folder when iCloud sync is active.
  • Fixed: SynthMaster One AAX doesn’t load saved settings correctly.
  • Fixed: When a preset can not be loaded due to errors, SynthMaster One might crash.
  • Fixed: SynthMaster One can not get file list from Google Cloud.
  • Fixed: When SynthMaster One receives 2 identical MIDI messages at the same time, hanging notes might occur.
  • Fixed: SynthMaster One VST is not recognized by Cubase 11 on MacOS.
  • Fixed: SynthMaster One generates crackles when ran inside a DAW that uses variable buffer size (such as FL Studio).

The update is free for registered SynthMaster One users. New users can purchase SynthMaster One at KV331 Audio and from Plugin Boutique for $49 USD as part of a Spring Sale (regular $79 USD).

An updated demo version of SynthMaster One also includes the NKS content for the factory library of SynthMaster One.