KV331 Audio has released version 2.6.21 of its SynthMaster and SynthMaster Player instrument plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

KV331 Audio SynthMaster

This latest update vastly improves startup/waveform import time and adds a long time requested feature: A search text-box and button in the browser area that allows users to type in text to search for the presets they are looking for.

Additional changes in SynthMaster v2.6.21

  • New: Added support for reading 64-bit WAV files.
  • New: SynthMaster’s CPU Usage % is now displayed on the tooltip window.
  • New: SynthMaster now detects waveforms under subfolders of \Waveforms folder.
  • Fix: User waveforms are not imported correctly when folder name is longer than 31 characters.
  • Fix: Preset browser might jump suddenly when a new preset is selected.
  • Fix: Preset bank names are truncated on the Browser tab.
  • Fix: Preset browser scroller handle becomes almost invisible when all expansion banks are loaded.
  • Fix: Preset names/metadata are not displayed in sorted order.
  • Fix: MIDI learn for Easy Parameter 1 doesn’t work.
  • Fix: Global MIDI links are removed if loaded preset has its own MIDI mappings.
  • Fix: Low cutoff values of digital HP filters create noisy output.

SynthMaster for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX) is available for purchase starting at $49 USD.

More information: KV331 Audio