Leftover Lasagne PUSHTEC 5+1A

Leftover Lasagne (Lucia & Leonardo) bring a sweet plug-in to the KVR Developer Challenge: PUSHTEC 5+1A, a 6-band midrange & program EQ.

At first the GUI might look a bit confusing, but fortunately it comes with a nice manual explaining the controls. It includes a nice “Cheat Sheet” as well to point out some features not to miss.

The controls are grouped in different frequency stages which you can push or pull to boost or cut the frequencies. PUSHTEC also has a phase switch.

The easiest way to figure out how to use this plug-in is to run through the (44 excellent) presets and see how the controls change the sound.

Check the KVR Developer Challenge page for a download link of PUSHTEC 5+1A.