Urs Heckmann’s entry for the KVR Developer Challenge is Triple Cheese, a VSTi which he describes as a “luscious cheesy comb synthesizer”.

u-he Triple Cheese VSTi

Triple Cheese mainly uses various forms of comb filters (chromatically tuned delays) to create or modify sound.

Triple Cheese has 3 modules which can generate sound or manipulate it. Each module has 8 modes (i.e. Pluck, Bowed and Noise) to create different sounds and several modulation options are available.

Some cheesy effects are built in as well to spice up the sound a bit.

  • Chorus1: A wide chorus with pretty long center delay
  • Chorus2: A bit narrower and bettwer suited for percussive material
  • Flanger: A chorus with short center delay, suited for flanging (feedback!)
  • Phaser: Classical out-of-phase phaser effect
  • Delay1: Stereo delay synced to host tempo in quarters
  • Delay2: Stereo delay synced to host tempo in eighth notes
  • Delay3: Ping Pong delay based on quarters and dotted eigths
  • Reverb: A cheesy reverb based on only 4 delays

Triple Cheese comes with a PDF manual and 152 (if I counted them right) presets to explore the possibilities of this synth.

Here’s a small loop done with 9 instances of Triple Cheese (that’s a whole lot of cheese!) and standard FL Studio fx.

More information: u-he / Triple Cheese