KX77FREE Kx-Synth-x16

KX77FREE has released version 3.10 Kx-Synth-x16, a free virtual vintage modular polyphonic synthesizer for Windows.

Changes in Kx-Synth-x16 v3.10

  • Possibility to use negative values with the mini knobs of the matrix (control inputs).
  • Hard synchro from the Vco2 to the Vco1.
  • New filters: LP 12 db, LP 6 db, with or without HP filter.
  • Possibility to use the Ring Modulator without its limiter and an EQ has been added on its output.
  • The input or output voltage values of the sequencer can be displayed in note values (eg: 5 volts = A3).
  • Fixed: The sequencer has been rewritten to avoid possible crash with Asio4all or similar asio drivers (samplerate update).
  • Fixed: The matrix crash test works again (all matrix pins on).

Kx-Synth-x16 is available to download as freeware VST instrument plug-in for Windows PC.

More information: KX77FREE