KX77FREE Kx-PolyMod

KX77FREE has released version 1.52 of the Kx-PolyMod, a vintage modular polyphonic synthesizer plug-in with stereo SF2 player.

Changes in Kx-PolyMod v1.52

  • New SFO compatible with the PAN feature of SF2 banks.
  • New SSE2 SEM modules, up to 7% CPU won (min requirement >= Athlon K8 and P4).
  • Improvement of the loading of large SF2 banks.
  • Vcfs: possibility to replace the parameter “Master Cut” (F1 and F2) by a simple Cut off (F1).
  • Improvement of the Fx: new sources of modulation, new SV filter (2 to 4 poles), dry level added.
  • Filter Fx: now it is not necessary to set the resonance to half in LP mode to have a flat response curve.
  • Lfo: peak follower added to smooth the Sample and Hold signal.
  • Some automation names corrected.
  • All notes are stopped when the selectors “P Max” or “P Note” are modified
  • Fixed bug: The plug-in was overloaded when the distortion was oversampled if the sustain level, the release time of the Vca Eg were set to 0 and also when the Pan was on the left or on the right (too small signal level to the oversampled distortion).

Kx-PolyMod for Windows (VST) is available to download at no cost.

More information: KX77FREE / Kx-PolyMod