KX77FREE released version 1.0 Beta of the KXOMNI-600 VSTi plug-in.

Skin with several parameter panels (4), the polyphony is adjustable, unison mode, Kxdelay2, KXMOD ver 2.0.

Each layer (the plugin is stereo) is composed of a Phase Distortion Oscillator with an Oscillator injected into a Shaper, a numerical Distortion and a Multimode Filter. All of the modulations is controlled by a envelope generator, the velocity and the keyboard. The Oscillators sound is filtered by a stereo Vcf (the same one as the series 8x8cc) and amplified by the Vca. All the modulations of the oscillators can be modulated by the Lfo (monophonic).

Known issues (v1.0)
During the program change (Ctrl Change), this plugin can overload your CPU and according to your configuration ( video cart, Asio driver, Buffers, processor…) you can hear some little audio glitchs.
The unison mode can to be very hard for the CPU, this is why the polyphony is limited to 6 voices. The presets using this mode use 4 voices (16 osc!).

Check the KX77FREE website for more information and downloads.