L-Day SIDmonster

L-Day has released version 0.10 of SIDmonster, a 8bit lo-fi synth with the classic sound of the C64.

SIDmonster v0.10 features

  • One OSC – Triangle/Saw/Square/Noise (Pitchable).
  • 16 step Table editor.
  • One Vibrato with Delay.
  • One Lowpass filter (no Hi/Band Filter Support).
  • Envelope ADSR.
  • Sync Noise to Squarewave.
  • Full PWM Control in Lo/Hi or Flip.
  • 8-Bit Output in two samplerates (22050/8200 HZ).

SIDmonster is available as a VST plug-in for Windows PC.

Visit L-Day for more information.