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Lakeside Audio releases Groovestar sequencer/synth plugin


Lakeside Audio has launched Groovestar, a new sequencer and synthesizer plugin designed for creating drum loops, beats and synthesizer sequences in a very intuitive way.

Lakeside Audio Groovestar

It is based on the classic step sequencer idea but it features much more possibilities to create powerful patterns by using synthesized sounds as input as well as sampled wave sounds. You can treat and combine them to make hybrid sounds without any limitations.

The plugin is controlled by MIDI events – you can map any created pattern to different keys or even combine them to play them simultaneously. Moreover it is possible to map a whole range of notes to a pattern allowing to alter the pitch of it – independently if it is based on a synthesized sound or a wave file!

Groovestar features

  • Up to 100 independent slots assignable to MIDI notes or ranges.
  • Each slot comes with a 16 steps sequencer with individual tune, legato, reverse play, emphasis and over speed settings.
  • Each slot has its own filter with different styles and a really fat and individual sound.
  • Each slot features an independent high-quality reverb and delay effect.
  • Each slot has its own LFO for modulating different parameters, so you can use up to 100 LFOs in a preset.
  • Sample library with almost 2.800 bass drums, claps, snare drums, percussion and more.

Groovestar is available as a VST plugin for Windows and Mac, priced at 49 EUR. A free demo is available for download.

More information: Lakeside Audio

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