PulseSetter Sounds has announced that the sale on its Massive Fuel soundset for Native Instruments Massive is ending soon.

The collection includes 128 patches of trailer music oriented sounds and many bonus tools.

Native Instruments Massive synth is famous for it’s aggressive and in-your-face wavetable sounds. Massive Fuel soundset harnesses this feature to create a modern soundset for Trailer composers who are need of a new sound design tool for their “Trailer Fuel” style of composing, now a common staple on big budget movie trailer.

Each of the 128 sounds has 8 assigned macro controllers of playable parameters to provide not only fast tweaking but also enhance playability not found on static samples.

In addition to the soundset, Massive Fuel provides each sound rendered into wav files and mapped across the most common samplers like Kontakt, Ableton Sampler, EXS24 and more.

Also, as a bonus, there are 20+ full processed trailer hits and its stems all made with Massive Fuel and processed with hardware and software DSP to use in your music or as reference.

The pack includes:

  • Massive Fuel (128 Patches):
    • 15 Braam.
    • 10 Downers.
    • 20 Hits.
    • 25 Pads.
    • 38 Pulses.
    • 10 Risers.
    • 10 Whooshes.
  • Massive Fuel Wav:
    • Rendered samples of the soundset.
    • Designed trailer hit samples and stems.
    • Total 1GB content size.

The sound pack is on sale for only $14 USD.

More information: PulseSetter Sounds