Sixty Four Pixels has introduced an unique MIDI controller that functions something like a cross between an Omnichord and a Stylophone.

A fun, compact and expressive MIDI controller, Le Grand Strum is an upgraded and larger redesign of the original “Le Strum” DIY kit and comes fully assembled and tested. The controller is is great for live performance, for recording guitar style strums to MIDI compositions, for arranging chord progressions and is a helpful song writing tool.

To play MIDI notes, you hold down one of the chord buttons and touch the tip of the stylus to the strum plate. The contacts on the strum plate are mapped to notes of the selected chord across multiple octaves. Using Le Grand Strum you can create guitar-like strums, massive chord sweeps and
arpeggios by simply moving the stylus around the strum plates.

The 16 pad, gold plated main strum plate has a tapering layout which allows fast chord strums at the top and individual note picking at the bottom. Two new circular strum areas duplicate notes from the main pads and allow you to play continuous arpeggios by moving the stylus in a circular motion.

A keyboard built from large, high-quality, tactile switches gives you immediate access to 84 chords, and an additional set of extended chords. The chords can be voiced based on piano or guitar style fingerings and multiple playing options are available.

Le Grand Strum is available to purchase for £159 GBP.

More information: Sixty Four Pixels