Le Lotus Bleu Korg Legacy MDE-X Sound Bank

Le Lotus Bleu has released a free sound bank for the Korg Legacy MDE-X, the multi-effect plug-in that makes use of the versatile selection of 19 different effects provided by Korg’s Legacy Cell.

MDE-X Sound Bank features

  • 87 new patches for the Korg MDE-X Multi effect.
  • Reverbs and delays patches designed to be used in an aux bus. Factory patches had none.
  • Groovy delays to enhance your tracks.
  • Dynamic patches templates where you can control Fx parameters in real time using Midi CC or velocity.
  • Some standard Fx commonly used in studios (like Kraftwerk style drums).

The download comes with a comprehensive manual.

Visit Le Lotus Bleu for more information and a link to download the free sound bank.