Le Lotus Bleu Legacy for Vanguard

Le Lotus Bleu has released Legacy, a 128 instruments Soundset for reFX Vanguard.

Peter Schelfhout classic Sound Design brings the concept of bread and butter instruments one step beyond : Each of his 128 instruments evokes a precise era or one famous instrument, from analog dinosaurs to last decade modernn units.

The whole library proposes a charming journey across the Synthesizer history, with 100% usefull and precise instruments.

The focus of this soundbank is mainly Electronic Music, including SynthPop, Elektro, Dance, Trance, Electronica.

Legacy for Vanguard is available for the introductory price of €7.48 EUR / $8.70 USD unitl September 28, 2009 (50% off the regular price of €14.90 EUR). Note: Non European Customers need to be logged on their account to display the right price, without VAT. Switching currencies is not sufficient.