Le Lotus Bleu Magic Wand

Le Lotus Bleu has announced the release of Magic Wand, an expansion bank for Camel Audio Alchemy.

Magic Wand is suitable for all kinds of musical genres, and offers a mix of pure synthesis, rompler like, and hybrid instruments. It proposes an hopefully pleasant mix between Bread and Butter and unique and never heard instruments.

All the instruments have been carefully designed to take advantage of the 8 variations Remix Pads of Alchemy, as well as its awesome real time control possibilities.

Magic Wand features

  • 158 instruments: 101 Primary Meta Instruments, around 50 Z presets, and some XV presets. More than 300 distinct instruments, with the use of the Remix Pads.
  • Basses (15), Keys (43), Pads & Atmos (29), Leads (22), ARPs and Chord Sequences (24), Semi-real instruments and misc (25).
  • Highly expressive instruments, with many real time expression features.
  • Integrated use of Macro Knobs : For example all FX automation will always be found on Macro Knobs 5/6.
  • Fully compliant with any Camel Audio future Content Management and Database developments.
  • A Pdf manual including preset list, with an indivudual comment for each instrument, installation procedure, tips and tricks for Alchemy.

Magic Wand is available for the introductory price of 17 EUR until 21 January, 2010, after which it will get an additional 25 MetaInstruments as part of the Fair Play program, increasing its price to 25 EUR.