Le Lotus Bleu has released 5 new soundbanks for Monopoly, a four-VCO monophonic/polyphonic synthesizer that went on sale in 1981 was considered the culmination of Korg’s experience building analog synthesizers.

Monopoly Soundbanks

  • Broad Walk 79 presets — Keys, Organs, and Pluck instruments.
  • Champs-Elysees 89 presets — Leads, Synths, and Vox instruments.
  • Flinder’s Way 79 presets — Basses, Precussions, Chords and Tronics.
  • Park Lane79 presets — Pads, Strings, including guitars, and brass and wind instruments.
  • Schlossallee78 presets — Fx, Arp, and Sequence instruments.

The soundbanks are available for about 9.50 EUR each and there’s a Grand Bundle Crossgrade (includes all 5 soundbanks) deal available for previous customers who bought any other soundbanks from Le Lotus Bleu. Until the end of December 2008 the Korg Monopoly Grand Bundle is almost 40% off at 25 EUR.

Visit Le Lotus Bleu for more information and audio demos.