Le Lotus Bleu Oscarized One

Le Lotus Bleu has released Oscarized One and Oscarized Two, two sound banks for impOSCar.

Lotuzia (programmer of the bank) writes:

While ImpOscar is still after all these years one of the top VA synths, and can be used to emulate some vintage patches in the most effective way, it can also explore some unique sonic territories if you combine its analog side with the additive engine. Add the smart Lfos and the evidence is there : ImpOscar just grooves.

Oscarized One and Two features

  • Oscarized One includes 126 presets, covering Keys (90) and Bass (36) instruments.
  • Oscarized Two includes 144 presets, covering Pads, Strings, Brass (53), Leads and Synths (53), Fx Percs Arps & Seqs (38).
  • Comes with a free PDF including preset list with an individual comment for each patch, tips and tricks to use ImpOscar.
  • Extensive use of ImpOscar additive audio engine and user waves for “cream for ears” smooth and delicate instruments.
  • Extensive use of all ImpOscar’s LFOs and Envelopes retrigging features for groove patches.

Until September 29th the price of the ImpOscar Grand Bundle (Oscarized One + Two) is only 9.92 EUR for European customers (less than $11 USD outside Europe). Oscarized One and Two can also be purchased separately for respectively 7.73 EUR and 8.04 EUR.

Visit Le Lotus Bleu for more information and audio demos.