Le Lotus Bleu releases Vanguard Avant Garde FX

Le Lotus Bleu Vanguard Avant Garde FX

Le Lotus Bleu has released Vanguard Avant Garde FX, a collection of 128 instruments for reFX Vanguard.

The focus of this soundbank is mainly Electronic Music, including Elektro, Glitch, Dance, Trance, Electronica, you name it ….. It also contains a lot of usefull instruments for Game Music scorers.

Whenever you need a subtle or huge break, transition, for your track, Avant Garde FX is here to provide you with some ultra tweakable Fx.

Includes a serachable Patchlist document, with individual comment for each preset

Presets carefully organised in 5 thematic categories : Arpeggiate, Gated, Long,Short, and Percussive and Impact.

Vanguard Avant Garde FX is available for the introductory price of 9.93 EUR until July 23, 2009 (regular price 14.90 EUR).

Visit Le Lotus Bleu for more information and audio demos.

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Omggggggg you’re SO FAST :)))

The press releases are not even sent and its already on Rekkerd !!!

Rekkerd <=== FIRST CLASS NEWS SITE :) :tu:

And btw the first 25 buyers will also get a free 50 instruments bonus soundset ( Additional Bonus Pack of our other Vanguard Soundbank :)) ( Countdown is 21 Atm and its only for Rekkerd and Kvr Readers )