Boz Digital Labs has announced the release of two new plugins to join the previously released El Clapo plugin designed to make it simple to create clap tracks of any size.

The highly anticipated El Clapo Bundle’s skills are complete! Le Snappet joins Das Boot and El Clapo to give you plugin-purchasing polyglots with a penchant for polyphony a complete suite of ultra-realistic crowd sounds, including handclaps, finger snaps, and foot stomps.

Now that the gang’s all here, there’s only one thing left to do, which is to put the entire hand-clapping, foot-stomping, finger-popping posse on sale!

Le Snappet gives you realistic snap tracks of any group size from a single person to an entire crowd, while Das Boot does the same thing, but for foot stomps.

Claps, Stomps and Snaps Bundle features

  • Easily generate ultra-realistic handclaps, foot stomps, and finger snaps, from a single snap, clap, or stomp, to a huge crowd of up to 150.
  • Great for music and film post-production.
  • Three adjustable mic positions; close/mid and room.
  • Close and Room mic controls each feature a fully adjustable compressor with mix knob, 4-band EQ, and width control.
  • “Slop” control lets you adjust tightness or looseness.
  • Simple, straightforward interface with access to advanced controls.
  • Built-in step sequencer for easily creating complex (or simple) patterns.

The bundle is on sale for $29 USD at Boz Digital Labs and Plugin Boutique until March 1st, 2021 (regular $79.95 USD). The plugins are also available individually for $15 USD each during the promotion (regular $39 USD).