About a month ago Leafcutter John released Forester v1.3 (Mac only at the time), a freeware software program that lets you create a forest which manipulates your sound files. You can use your own files or an audio CD to create infinitely evolving drone re-mix compositions. You can record the results to disc.

A journey into the sonic forest. As you move around the forest your position relative to the trees (the graphic discs) is tracked. This data is used to control the musical parameters of the music.

John already has plans for version 2:

  • Support for VST plug-in’s with user selectable parameters mapped to different trees
  • User control over which audio processing functions are active
  • Tempo control
  • Some kind of save/recall function
  • Forest editing

Visit Leafcutter John‘s website for more information and a link to download Forester v1.3 for Mac or Windows.