Leap Into The Void has announced the release of Crystalline Textures 2, a soundset for the Bazille hybrid modular synthesizer by u-he.

Crystalline Textures 2 contains textures, sequences, tempo-synced drone-like soundscapes, synth sounds, mallets and more, suited for electronic, ambient, minimal, experimental, cinematic and hybrid composing.

Crystalline Textures 2 focuses on two dominant areas. The first is textures with a slow attack, long and evolving. These are scapes, textures, atmospheres and drones. The second is what may better be described as bell and mallet sounds, sounds with fast attack and long release. Holding a note for all these presets for a longer time enables an evolving texture aswell.

All textures are tempo-synced, from hardly noticeable to distinct. They are evolving and contains a less or more pronounced rhythmic structure.
A set of complementary sounds (mostly melodic), carefully designed to suit the ambience and environment is also included in the library.

Crystalline Textures 2 features

  • 130 presets (110 + 20 variations).
  • Modwheel, expression and breath assignments for morphing and coloring.
  • Detailed patchlist PDF included with descriptions of each sound and the assignments.
  • Bazille 1.0 required.

Crystalline Textures 2 is on sale at 35% off for two weeks (regular price 29.95 EUR).

More information: Leap Into The Void