Subject Sound has announced availability of Music Theory Foundations, a new tutorial course focused on advanced harmonic concepts, aimed towards electronic musicians.

Subject Sound Music Theory Foundations

This course is the first in a 3 part video series that will cover a wide range of advanced concepts such as Form, Functional Harmony, Chord Functions and modes.

This first part lays the foundations where you will learn about scales, intervals, modes, and all the other essentials necessary to “talk” music theory.

After covering these essential topics the course focusses on Functional Harmony, a system which categorises chords into their different harmonic “functions”. Learning about these functions can help you immensely in understanding an creating “functional” progressions.

These are progressions that give momentum to your music, they help to create and adapt the story of your arrangement. A very powerful tool that’s way too often overlooked!

The course is available now for $30 USD.

More information: Subject Sound