Splice Skills has launched a series of Skills lessons by songwriter and producer Alina Smith of LYRE.

In Pop Production 101, Alina takes you through song starters, writing a bassline, adding tasteful “sonic candy,” and more to help you to produce a pop track quickly and easily.

In this lesson, Alina Smith gets us going with a quick and easy pop track. From song starters to bass, drums, some sweet “candy sounds,” and even FX, she shows us how to jump in feet first into producing a killer pop hit.

Less of a comprehensive tutorial, this video is about getting the creative juices going, making decisions, and tastefully adding your parts to build up the music. Using LYRE’s Splice Pack, we’ve got the master at the board for this one. Show us your ways.

You can watch the first two videos for free, and subscribers to the Creator or Creator+ plans have full access to all Skills lessons.

More information: Splice Skills