Hal Leonard has announced that The Complete Guide to DJ Basics with a Traktor Controller is now available on Groove3.

In this video course, DJ Shortee teaches you all the essential basics that you need to know when you are first learning how to DJ with a Traktor DJ controller.

The Complete Guide to DJ Basics with a Traktor Controller

Shortee shows you how to handle the jog wheels, various ways to cue up your songs, three different ways to listen using your headphones, how to identify the beat, and how to tune your ears to be able to isolate the drum sounds within your music.

She explains basic music theory; note values; how to count beats, bars, and phrases in 4/4 time; and how to identify the “one.” You will discover various ways of counting the beats per minute (bpm) of your music and why it’s so important to know the tempos of all your songs. She teaches you scratches for DJing manually with the platters, how to combine them with each other as well as with the crossfader, and various ways to drop your songs in on the “one.” To finish things off strong, you will learn how to perform a basic transition between two songs with the same bpm, using the crossfader to blend them together.

The Complete Guide to DJ Basics with a Traktor Controller is an excellent course for beginners without any DJ experience as well as intermediate or advanced DJs who are transitioning from another gear setup and learning how to DJ on a Traktor controller for the first time. Every lesson is taught in a clear and concise way that is easy for anyone to understand. The skills you will learn in this course will set you up perfectly for the next course: “The Complete Guide to Beginner DJ Mixing with a Traktor Controller,” in which Shortee teaches beatmatching and beginner mixing techniques. This information-packed course is part of the Traktor Controller Series of Shortee’s Complete DJ Method. It works seamlessly in conjunction with her DJ Gear course “The Complete DJ Gear Guide to a Traktor Controller: Kontrol S4” and is essential for building a strong foundation to take your skills to the next level.

The course is available for purchase for $24.99 USD and with Groove3’s All Access Pass for $15 USD/month.

More information: Groove3 / Complete Guide to DJ Basics with a Traktor Controller