Analogue Solutions has announced availability of Leipzig v3, an advanced analog synthesizer stylishly reshaped as a desktop design drawing deeply from the DNA of the rack-mountable Leipzig-S analog synth/sequencer.

Featuring the same convenient footprint as the acclaimed Impulse Command desktop synthesizer, while capturing the same raw, ballsy, complexly rich sound as its Leipzig predecessors, Leipzig v3 has been redesigned to improve reliability, quality, and other manufacturing considerations, as well as adding several notable new features.

analogue solutions leipzig v3

The synthesizer includes patch points for additional sound design and connection possibilities. Also new is a headphone output, extended sequencer capabilities and the possibility to use the sequencer to turn off the VCO2 square wave on selected beats. Furthermore, the synth now has an illuminated power switch.

Leipzig v3 features

  • Pure analog voice and modulation circuitry.
  • Fat analog Moog style transistor ladder filter – 24db/Octave 4 pole.
  • Two analog VCOs with individual Glide (portamento).
  • Sub-VCO for extra depth and power.
  • Osc Sync & Cross-Mod.
  • Option to overdrive the mixer and filter.
  • Plenty of modulation routing possibilities.
  • Versatile analog CV step sequencer – with plenty of clocking options.
  • 16 step note sequencer, with transpose feature.
  • Use the analog sequencer as a modulation source.
  • Versatile CV patch bay.
  • Rugged steel/aluminium construction.
  • MIDI In for DAW/software sequencing.
  • Headphone output.
  • All the sound character of the renowned previous version Leipzig-S.

Leipzig v3 is available to purchase for £849 GBP (excluding VAT).

More information: Analogue Solutions