Splice Sounds has released Lemurian Healing Samples, a collection of 228 loops and samples by Lemurian, the producer that is part of the new movement called “Spiritual Electronic,” which promotes a responsible music environment.

Splice Sounds Lemurian Healing Samples

In June 2017, Lemurian traveled to the Peruvian jungle in “exploration of frequencies.” Outside of Iquitos, at an Ayahuasca retreat center, he met Sinanishikawa, a Shaman Maestro. He asked the maestro if he could record his chants to show the rest of the world. Now Lemurian brings these recordings from his spiritual journey to a sample pack.

The producer, who blends the sounds of ancient civilizations into electronic music, brings to Splice a taste of Peruvian chants and grooves.

Lemurian Healing Samples is now available to Splice subscribers. New users can use promo code yt2021 to get 1 month free access to Splice Sounds with 100 download credits.

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