LennarDigital is celebration its upcoming new website with a Sylenth1 sound design contest, in which you can win a brand new Nektar T4 midi keyboard.

Other prizes include products from Akai Professional, D16 Group, SoundRadix, Fabfilter, The Audio Bar, Ancore Sounds, Audiotent and Alonso Sound.

In order to compete, please create a song, sound or soundcape between 30 and 120 seconds long using only Sylenth1. You can pick any sound you want and use it in any way you see fit. Just be creative!

Please note that you need version 3.0 or higher to join the contest. Especially for this contest, we’re offering Sylenth1 at a 30% discount. Fetch it by entering the coupon code CONTEST2019 in our webstore.

The deadline for submitting your entry is November 30th, 2019.

More information: LennarDigital