Loopmasters has released Hard Drum, a custom Kontakt instrument by 5KRO Media, Industrial Strength Samples and Lenny Dee. The instrument features a collection of drum sounds designed for Hard Electronic Music producers.

Industrial Strength Lenny Dee Hard Drum

This killer Hard Electronic sound source features a custom Kick Destroyer GUI to annihilate these 100% License Free 24 Bit Drums sounds with our custom on board effects rack to mangle up this insane Audio like never before.

The samples in Hard Drums were created from the ground up using analog and digital gear. This monster collection of essential drums was produced and designed by Lenny Dee and Mr. Madness.

We know all too well it is very that is tuff to make these heavy bass drums. Even for the pro’s. So we decided it was time to tackle the problem head on and deliver thee most essential part of this intense style. The Bass Drum.

The boys created over 1000 Plus unique Drum sounds leaving no stone unturned. This studio production pack cover’s almost every style of Hard Electronic music. The 5KRO team and Lenny Dee designed the custom Kick Destroyer GUI.

Each Sound has a customized Signal Chain. These rock and ready sounds can be used as is, or you can easily customize them to your taste right in the custom Kick Destroyer GUI. Each Signal Chain is set to give you ultimate control over these Heavy sounds. All we really have to say, is this thing is pretty sick.

Lenny Dee is the first Hard Electronic Top 100 DJ in the world, He is House and Techno pioneer and to many is thee god father of Hard Electronic music. Hands down this collection is a must have if your in need of Hard Electronic Drum sounds The pack dives deep, giving you complete control over the Filters, Distortion, Envelopes Reverb, Delays, and Eq directly in the custom 5KRO Kick Destroyer GUI.

Hard Drum is available for purchase for £45.95 GBP.

More information: Industrial Strength Samples / Lenny Dee Hard Drum