LePou Plugins HyBrit Series

LePou Plugins has released the HyBrit Series, a collection of free guitar amplifier effect plug-ins for Windows.

This is actually my very first VST project. At that time, I was looking for an amp that has been modeled a lot of time in order to have comparison points. I picked a classic British amp. After some comparisons with my original model, I decided that it was sounding good enough to be send to the testers… but not as is. After all there is a lot of British amp simulators out there. So I tweaked my original model and added another channel to it. It finally ends up as HyBrit.

As the name suggests, this is an hybrid amp model based on two famous British gears. Again, the name of the channel says it all. The PLS channel is actually an hybrid of the two (tweaked) channels (Normal and Treble) of the real thing. Both channels are actually processed and the mix of the two signals can be adjusted through the PLS MIX knob. The other channel, MCJ, is also a tweaked version of the real thing. So, this amp simulator doesn’t represent anything specifically but it does have the character of the British amp.

HyBrit comes in 3 versions (Preamp, Head and FullStack) and is available as a free download.

More information: LePou Plugins