Les Productions Zvon has released LoFi Kalimba, a freeware SoundFont.

Zvon writes:

To create this set I sampled one note from an small Indonesian kalimba with a Casio Sk2 hardware sampling keyboard. This is very LoFi as I had to use the Casio’s small built-in microphone to record the sample and as the SK2 does not have a line-out, the resulting sound had to be recorded through its internal speakers. And I won’t mention the quality of the sampling engine itself as I don’t know the details but it’s certainly not pristine.

None the less, it’s a quite fun little keyboard but a very noisy one! So I applied a rather heavy dose of noise reduction, so much in fact that part of the sound’s attack and tone were lost too, and the samples are still noisy. Which makes it even more LoFi but it’s fun! Don’t hesitate to dress it up with FXs.

Download the LoFi Kalimba here (125 KB)